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My attempt at capturing a photo daily for 366 days (leap year is this year)! 2012 ending!? not on my watch!!

Permalink WEDNESDAY MARCH 14TH, 2012
I don’t know what happened in between Saturday and Wednesday but I know for sure this picture happened on the 14th!
KMV (what we started calling ourselves after our New York trip) is at Piel Salon in Beverly Hills getting a Brazilian wax! 
Permalink FRIDAY MARCH 10, 2012
It’s may 28th and i’m trying to retrace my old photos from 2 months ago but its quite difficult. so this may or may not have been taken march 10. but we’ll just say it was. 

if i can remember that far back, I was tanning and not working on my capstone if my memory serves me right. 
Permalink FRIDAY MARCH 9TH, 2012
week 9 is here already! i don’t wanna leave this amazing unit ever! :( 
Permalink THURSDAY MARCH 8TH, 2012
haven’t been here in FOREVER.
Permalink TUESDAY MARCH 6TH, 2012
WURSTKUCHE! (worst coochie?, not sure how to say it) I went here with Marc & got a rattlesnake & rabbit hot dog with a Blanche De Bruxelle beer (tasted close to hoegaarden) & some BOMB FRIES, with delicious dip that i chose of course
check out their yummy menu: http://www.wurstkuche.com/01%20ASSETS/Wurstkuche_WEB_MENU_V4.pdf
I definitely should have worked on my capstone project! GOTTA GET ON IT !! 
Permalink MONDAY MARCH 5TH, 2012
I submitted my first RN job application today! eek! I hope all goes well! :) :) wish me luck
I got this wonderful arthritis high five from the one and only Kayla Healy! It made my day. Get on the how I met your mother train if you don’t get it!
Permalink TUESDAY FEBRUARY 28TH, 2012
I planned a senior fundraiser for NSUCLA to raise money for our grad party & it turned out to be a great success! The food was bomb and I think we made a decent amount of money :) 
It was good seeing all the Nursing kids again since were all split up this quarter & catching up with my main b**ch marisol at diddy riese after :) 
Permalink MONDAY FEBRUARY 27, 2012
Just dropped off my thank you card for the letter of rec barbara wrote me :)
Our senior class wants to make shirts that say WWBDD? (what would barbara demman do? she is awesome!!)